Sacred Theology


Item #1 “Papal Teachings: The Liturgy” (Pope Benedict XIV to Pope John XXIII), Selected and Arranged by the Benedictine Monks of Solesmes

Item #3  “Is the Mass Infallible in its Effects?”  The Irish Ecclesiastical Record 1929

Item #4  “Are the Fruits of the Mass Infinite?”  The Irish Ecclesiastical Record 1929

Item #6 “The Nature of the Mystical Body” (Excerpt) by Earnest Mura

Item #8 “Anti-Clericalism and Catholic Unity” The American Ecclesiastical Review

Item #9 “Answers to Questions: ‘Interfaith Problems’” The American Ecclesiastical Review

Item #10 “The Bishop and the Diocesan Priesthood” The A.E.R.

Item #11  “The Fellowship of the Diocesan Priesthood” The A.E.R.

Item #14  “Our Lord’s Presence in the Catholic Church” The A.E.R. 1946

Item #15 “Answers to Questions: A Question About the Mystical Body” 

Item #16  “The Sources of Modern Attacks Against the Church” The A.E.R.

Msgr. Joseph Fenton analyzes the opinions of various sources, e.g. Communism, Protestantism, Liberalism, etc. which irrationally attack the Catholic Church

Item #17  “The Requisites for an Infallible Pontifical Definition According to the Commission of Pope Pius IX”  The A.E.R.

Msgr. Joseph Fenton explains the necessary conditions that must exist in order for an infallible definition to be issued from the Holy See.

Item #18  “The Framework of Doctrinal Development” The A.E.R.

Fr. Eugene Burke, C.S.P. explains some of the elements and instruments of doctrinal development.  A much needed article in light of this much abused subject.

Item #20  “The True Church and the Notes of the Church”  The A.E.R.

Msgr. Joseph Fenton answers the question: “How do we know that the Catholic Church is the one true Church established by Christ?”  Defends the motives of credibility against the new theologians.

Item #23  “Catholic Moral Teaching on the Nature and Object of Conjugal Love” by Rev. Michael F. McAuliffe, S.T.L.

This dissertation expounds the Catholic doctrine regarding the proper ends of marriage and in particular the object of conjugal love within the Sacrament of Matrimony.  Refutation of the new theologians and their false doctrines concerning the ends of marriage.

Item #24  “The Concept of Sacred Theology” by Msgr. Joseph Fenton

A masterpiece concerning the nature and object of sacred theology.  This work is a development of Msgr. Fenton’s doctoral dissertation written 10 years previously under the direction of the great Fr. Reginald Garrigou-Lagrange in Rome.

Item #25 “Co-Operation of Catholics in Non-Catholic Religious Activities” by Fr. Francis O’Connell, C.S.S.R., The A.E.R., 1956

An in-depth theological study of the moral and dogmatic principles regarding Catholic involvement in the religious activity of non-Catholics. A sound and precise exposition of Catholic doctrine. No one will fail to be edified and instructed by Fr. O’Connell’s article as it sets forth long forgotten doctrine.

Item #27  “The Development of the Theological Censures After the Council of Trent (1563 – 1709)” by Fr. John Cahill, O.P.

Article I, The censure of Error as applied in the condemnations of the Church; Article II, The erroneous proposition as explained before Melchior Cano; Article III, The censure of Error according to Melchoir Cano; Article IV Cano’s explanation under scrutiny; Article V, The erroneous proposition according to Suarez; Article VI, Lugo Endorses the interpretation of Suarez; Article VII, The Salmanticenses and the ‘More Common Opinion’; Article VIII, Antonio de Panormo (1707).  Much more, that is just the first chapter.  Invaluable for any serious student of Catholic theology.

Item #32  “The Doctrine of St. Augustine on Sanctity” by Fr. Edward Carney, O.S.F.S., S.T.L.

A doctoral dissertation expositing the doctrine of St. Augustine on the created and uncreated causes of sanctity.  Deals with Augustine’s refutation of certain heresies as well as an implicit refutation of the new ecclesiology.

Item #34  “Papal Teachings: The Church” selected and arranged by the Benedictine Monks of Solesmes.

Papal doctrine concerning ecclesiology or the nature of the Church of Christ.  From Benedict XIV to Pius to John XXIII.  Invaluable resource for students of theology.

Item #36   “Factors in Church Unity” The A.E.R. 1948

Msgr. Joseph Fenton teaches about the nature of unity within the Mystical Body of Christ, the Catholic Church.  He touches upon both the outward and inward bonds of union as well as the basis for the advancement of a closer unity within the Catholic Church.

Item #37  “Holiness as a Note of the Church” The A.E.R.

Msgr. Joseph Fenton analyzes this particular note of the true ecclesia of Jesus Christ.  Refutes certain erroneous opinions concerning its meaning.

Item #38  “St. Augustine’s Use of the Note of Catholicity” The A.E.R. 1948

Msgr. Joseph Fenton explains St. Augustine’s use of the note ‘catholicity’ in his polemical writings against the Donatists.

Item #39  “The Note of Catholicity in Scholastic Theology” The A.E.R.

Msgr. Joseph Fenton turns his attention to the scholastic exposition of this note of the Church.

Item #40  “The Theological Proof for the Necessity of the Catholic Church” The A.E.R.

Msgr. Joseph Fenton puts forth a genuine theological demonstration of the necessity of the Catholic Church for salvation in this three part series.  Refutes certain erroneous opinions concerning this doctrine, especially the latitudinarian.  Every Catholic should read this short theological treatise to gain a better understanding of this much maligned and misunderstood doctrine.

Item #41  “The Exclusiveness of Truth and the Pope’s Encyclical” The A.E.R. 1929

Fr. Wm. J. Burke, C.S.C. explains the Catholic mind regarding exclusive truth in light of Pope Pius XI’s encyclical Mortalium Animos composed in 1928 on the Promotion of True Religious Unity.

Item #42  “Brownson on Salvation and the Church” The A.E.R. 1947

Fr. Thomas Ryan, C.PP.S. writes this historical essay on Orestes Brownson’s understanding of the dogma “no salvation outside the Church.”  Brownson refused to concede any attenuation of this doctrine and was exonerated by Papal teaching while his liberal critics were silenced.

Item #43  “The Ministry of the Diocesan Priesthood” The A.E.R.

Msgr. Joseph Fenton explains the true supernatural objectives of the priest.

Item #44  “The Catholicity of the Church” The A.E.R.

Msgr. Joseph Fenton’s three part series further examining the note of ‘catholicity’ in the face of modern challenges advanced by certain theologians.

Item #45 “The Fiction of Corporate Reunion” The A.E.R.

A.F. Marshall exposes certain ecumenical fallacies concerning corporate ecclesial union. A brilliant essay full of wit and missionary zeal.

Item #48  “The Possibility of Ignorance of the Natural Law” by Rev. Stanley Bertke, S.T.L.

A doctoral dissertation regarding knowledge of the contents of the natural law and whether one can be ignorant of certain precepts.  1. On the Natural Law’s Existence and Essence 2. Of the Notion, Obligation and Division of the Precepts 3. Of the Function of the Intellect in Human Action 4. Of the Possibility of Invincible Ignorance of the Natural Law 5. Special Problems and Application of Principles.

Item #49 “Isn’t Thomism Outmoded?” Integrity Magazine 1951

Fr. Jordan Aumann, O.P. refutes the modernist contention that traditional Thomism is not applicable today.

Item #50 “The Church in Adequate Perspective” The A.E.R. 1955

Item #51 “Brotherhood in Catholic Theology” The A.E.R. 1955

Msgr. Joseph Fenton explains the supernatural meaning of the term ‘brotherhood’ as defined by supernatural objects in contradistinction to the indifferentist assertion that all men, of whatever religion, form a true brotherhood.

Item #52  “The Necessity of the Church and the Efficacy of Prayer” The A.E.R.

Msgr. Joseph Fenton explains the relation of prayer to the dogma of the necessity of the Catholic Church for salvation.

Item #53  “Magisterium and Jurisdiction in the Catholic Church” The A.E.R. 1954

Msgr. Joseph Fenton takes up a controversy surrounding the division or classification of the powers granted to the Church by Her Founder, Our Lord Jesus Christ.

Item #54 “The Teaching of the Testem Benevolentiae” The A.E.R. 1954

Msgr. Joseph Fenton exposits Pope Leo XIII’s great encyclical regarding the errors of Americanism.

Item #55  “The Invocation of the Holy Name and the Basic Concept of the Catholic Church” The A.E.R.

Another ecclesiological article by the master of ecclesiology, Msgr. Joseph Fenton dealing with another interesting aspect of Catholic theology and the nature of the Catholic Church.

Item #56 “The Liberal Illusion” by Louis Veuillot

Louis Veuillot merited the title “Lay Father of the Church” from Pope Leo XIII and “Model of them who fight for sacred causes” from Pope St. Pius X. In this work, Veuillot takes up his broad sword against those foes of Catholicism, Liberal Catholics.

Item #57  “Sinners and the Mystical Body of Christ According to St. Augustine: Part I”  Theological Studies 1947

Fr. Stanislaus Grabowski’s scholarly two-part ecclesiological essay.  The first part deals with fundamental concepts involved in a study of this doctrine, the distinction between the juridical and mystical aspects of the Church as well as a basic division of sins

Item #58 “A Recent Critique of P. De Lubac’s Surnaturel” Theological Studies

Fr. Phillip Donnelly, S.J. introduces a serious critique of De Lubac’s theories concerning the relation between the natural and supernatural orders written by Pere Guy de Broglie, S.J., professor of theology at the Institut Catholique de Paris and the Pontifical Gregorian University

Item #59  “Sinners and the Mystical Body of Christ According to St. Augustine: Part II”  Theological Studies 1948

Fr. Stanislaus Grabowski’s second article examines the relation to the Church of sinners lapsing into death-bringing transgressions and the manner of their inherence.

Item #63  “St. Thomas and the Ultimate Purpose of Creation” Theological Studies

Fr. Philip Donnelly, S.J. explains the Thomistic doctrine concerning the final end of all creation.  “Dogmatic theology treats many truths of momentous import, but there is not one of more fundamental importance than the question of the ultimate purpose or end of creation.  For if the end holds the primacy among all causes and if, from it, all other causes depend for the exercise of their causality, then there can be no theological doctrine dealing with the relations of creatures to God, whose objective truth is not dependent ultimately on the first of all causes, which is the ultimate end of creation.”

Item #68  “The Holy Ghost in the Mystical Body of Christ According to St. Augustine” Theological Studies

Fr. Stanislaus Grabowski further examines St. Augustine ‘s ecclesiology with respect to the relation of the Holy Ghost to the Mystical Body of Christ and to men outside the Church.

Item #69 “The Creation of Eve in Catholic Tradition” Theological Studies 1940

Fr. Thomas Motherway, S.J. presents a study of the traditional doctrine concerning the creation of Eve.

Item #71 “Saint Thomas and the Evolution of Man” Theological Studies

Fr. William Doran, S.T.D. explains Thomistic doctrine concerning the creation of man

Item #73  “The Doctrine of the Vatican Council on the End of Creation”  Theological Studies

Fr. Phillip Donnelly, S.J. continues his treatise on the end of creation with the teaching of the Vatican I Council.

Item #76 “Catholic Ecumenism: The Reunion of Christendom in Contemporary Papal Pronouncements” 1953 by Fr. Edward Francis Hanahoe, S.A., S.T.L.

A dissertation composed under the direction of Msgr. Joseph Fenton that surveys traditional Catholic theology surrounding the question of Ecumenism as expounded by the Popes.

Item #77  “The Kingship of Jesus Christ According to Saint Bonaventure and Blessed Duns Scotus” by Fr. Ephrem Longpre, O.F.M. 1944

Item #78 “Marriage: Its Meaning and Purpose” Theological Studies 1942

Fr. John Ford, S.J. analyzes and refutes a new theology of marriage

Item #80 “Liberalism in Religion” by Fr. M.H. MacInery, O.P. 1912

Item #89 “Liberalism: A Criticism of Its Basic Principles and Divers Forms” by Louis Card. Billot 1922

Enjoy this masterful treatise composed by Cardinal Billot on the nature of Liberalism.

Item #102  “Concerning ‘Thomistic Metaphysics and the Sacrament-Sacrifice” The Irish Ecclesiastical Record 1942

Fr. J. Brodie Brosnan critiques an article concerning the notion of a Sacrament, sacrificial immolation, the priestly character and its relation with Christ’s sacrifice in Holy Mass

Item #104  “The Extension of Christ’s Mystical Body” The A.E.R. 1944

Msgr. Joseph Fention deals with those who would extend the term “Mystical Body” beyond the confines of the Roman Catholic Church

Item #105  “An Accusation Against School Theology” The A.E.R.

Msgr. Joseph Fenton defends traditional Scholastic theology against the attacks of innovators

Item #106  “Extra Ecclesiam Nulla Salus” The A.E.R.

Msgr. Joseph Fenton elucidates this much misunderstood dogma

Item #107  “The Communion of Saints and the Mystical Body” The A.E.R.

Msgr. Joseph Fenton explains the profound meaning of the phrase “communion of saints”

Item #110  “Members of the Church and of the Mystical Body” by John Canfield, S.T.L. 1961

A doctoral dissertation demonstrating the coextension of the Roman Catholic Church and the Mystical Body of Christ.  Refutation of modern ecclesiological errors.

Item #111  “Some Modern Non-Intellectual Approaches to God” by Sister Agnes Teresa McAuliffe 1934

A doctoral dissertation that critiques the pseudo-mysticism that is common today.  Rests upon the doctrine of St. Thomas Aquinas

Item #114 “Can the Churches Unite?” by W. I. Lonergan

A realistic and Catholic view of modern ecumenical activities

Item #115  “The Act of the Mystical Body” The A.E.R.

Msgr. Joseph Fenton examines how the one Redemptive act of Christ becomes, in a sense, our own act within the Mystical Body in union with Christ.

Item #116 “A Modern Defense of the Pharisees” The A.E.R. 1939

Fr. Robert Hartnett, S.J. writes, “[T]he Pharisees of the Gospels, we are now being told, are only the straw-men of early Christian propaganda. The Pharisees of history, as they are revealed in their own literature, were honorable men, the worthy representatives of a form of religion different, indeed, from Christianity, but not necessarily inferior to it. The purpose of this essay is to give a fair exposition of what has been written recently in favor of this Jewish sect, and then to examine the weaknesses from which the plea of the defense seems to suffer.”

Item #120  “’Mystical Body of Christ’ and ‘Catholic Church’ Exactly Coextensive” The A.E.R. 1940

A survey of the revealed concept of the Mystical Body, as distinct from the analogous concepts which are the “extended senses” of the term by Fr. Joseph Bluett, S.J.

Item #121 “The Theory of the ‘Lay State’” The A.E.R. 1951

Fr. Francis Connell, C.S.S.R. refutes Fr. John Courtney Murray’s opinion regarding the relation between Church and State

Item #122 “Catholic Orientations on Church and State” The A.E.R.

George Shea addresses “’certain new orientations in contemporary Catholic thought on Church and state’ prevalent among those who are intent upon a major revision of the older and stricter teaching on the subject.”

Item #124  “Original Sin and Human Misery” by Msgr. John Ryan 1942

Msgr. Ryan exposits Catholic doctrine concerning Original Sin and Man’s fall from supernatural justice.  An excellent refresher and antidote against modern Pelagianism.

Item #126  “A Defense of the Catholic and Apostolic Faith in Refutation of the Errors of the Anglican Sect” Bks. III & VI, Francisco Suarez

Item #130 “Luther’s Own Statements Concerning His Teaching and its Results” by Fr. Henry O’Conner, S.J. 1884

Item #138  “The Remission of Venial Sin” by John Joseph O’Brien, S.T.L. 1959

This doctoral dissertation presents traditional Catholic doctrine concerning venial sin, its nature, the process of remission, remedies and penance.

Item #139 “The Church of Rome and the Problem of the Vernacular versus the Liturgical Language” by Fr. Angelus A. De Marco, O.F.M., S.T.L.

An abstract of a doctoral dissertation which is primarily an historical review of the proceedings of the Council of Trent viz. the Protestant introduction of the vernacular in liturgical worship

Item#142  “The Church of Christ: An Apologetic and Dogmatic Treatise” by E. Sylvester Berry 1927

Item #143 “The Encyclical and Modernist Theology” by J. Lebreton 1909

Item #159  “The Mystery of Faith and Human Opinion” by Fr. Maurice De La Taille, S.J. 1930

A series of essays on the relation between the Mass, Last Supper and Cross.

Item #160  “The Church and Catholic Dogma” The A.E.R. Msgr. Joseph Fenton

Item #161  “Episcopal Jurisdiction and the Roman See” The A.E.R. Msgr. Joseph Fenton

Item #162  “St. Peter and Apostolic Jurisdiction” The A.E.R. Msgr. Joseph Fenton

Item #163  “New Concepts in Theology” The A.E.R. Msgr. Joseph Fenton

Item #164  “The Church and the World” The A.E.R. Msgr. Joseph Fenton

Item #165  “Two Currents in Contemporary Catholic Thought”  The A.E.R. Msgr. Joseph Fenton

Item #173 “The Theory of Revelation” Part I by Rev. Joseph Baierl, S.T.D., 1933

Item #175 “The Theory of Revelation” Part II by Rev. Joseph Baierl, S.T.D., 1933

Item #177 “Humani Generis: Its Significance and Teaching” Rev. Patrick Hamell

Item #178 “True Christianity, Signs and Wonders” Msgr. Alfred Ottaviani, Assessor of the Holy Office, 1951

Item #180 “The Act of the Mystical Body” Joseph Brosnan, with a Reply by Msgr. Joseph Fenton, A.E.R., 1940

Item #182 “Humani Generis and the Fathers of the Church” Thomas B. Falls, A.E.R., 1951

Item #191 “The Fallacy of ‘Reunion’” H.E.G. Rope, The Month, 1923

Item #194 “How Cranmer ‘Revised’ the Sarum Missal” Clement Tigar, The Month

Item #202 “Rome, Unionism and Indifferentism” The Dublin Review, 1865

Item #216 “Dictionary of Papal Pronouncements: Leo XIII to Pius XII (1878 – 1957)”

Item #217 “Dictionary of Dogmatic Theology” Pietro Parente, Antonio Piolanti, Salvatore Garofalo, 1951

Item #218 “The Science of Sacred Theology for Teachers, Introduction to Theology” by Emmanuel Doronzo

Item #219 “The Science of Sacred Theology for Teachers, Revelation” by Emmanuel Doronzo

Item #220 “The Science of Sacred Theology for Teachers, The Channels of Revelation” by Emmanuel Doronzo

Item #225 “The Devil” by Walter Farrell, O.P. and Bernard Leeming, S.J., 1957

Item #252 “The Catholic Church and the Modern State” Rev. Joseph Baierl, S.T.D., 1955

Item #254 “Miracles” Joseph De Tonquedec, S.J. (Article from Dictionnaire Apologetique de la Foi Catholique) 1926

Item #268 “The Proof of Miracles” Henry Brownson, 1898

Item #281 “Papal Teachings: The Church (Pope Benedict XIV to Pope John XXIII)” Selected and Arranged by the Benedictine Monks of Solesmes

Item #291 St. Thomas and the Immaculate Conception, P. Lumbreras, O.P. Homiletic and Pastoral Review, 1923 

Item #296 Catholic Faith in the Holy Eucharist, Papers from the Summer School of Catholic Studies held at Cambridge, 1922

Item #297 The Necessity of the Church for Salvation in Selected Theological Writings of the Past Century, Rev. John J. King, O.M.I., S.T.L., 1960

Item #299 The Inhabitation of the Holy Spirit: A Solution According to De La Taille, Malachi Donnelly, S.J., Theological Studies 1947

Item #302 Communication in Religious Worship With Non-Catholics: A Dissertation, Rev. John Bancroft, C.SS.R., J.C.B., S.T.L., 1943

Item #304 The Catholic Church and Salvation: In Light of Recent Pronouncements by the Holy See, Msgr. Joseph Clifford Fenton, 1958