Item #5  “In Defense of the Penal Law” Theological Studies 1957

Fr. Edward Dunn, S.J. defends the concept of “Penal Law” or laws which do not bind in conscience.

Item #26  “The Delict of Heresy in its Commission, Penalization, Absolution” by the Rev. Eric MacKenzie, S.T.L., J.C.L.

A doctoral dissertation regarding the canonical effects of the crime of heresy.  Chapters include historical survey of heresy legislation, heresy as a sin, the delict of heresy, the penalties entailed by heresy, heresy and acts of catholic piety, heresy and official status and actions, judicial process against heresy and absolution from heresy.

Item #33  “Doubt in Canon Law: A Historical Synopsis and a Commentary” by Fr. Roger Viau, S.T.L., J.C.L.

Nature and species of the concept of doubt.  Doubt as considered by Suarez, St. Alphonsus and a thorough canonical commentary and the juridical concept and application of certain principles in the concrete, factual order.

Item #98  “The Renunciation of an Ecclesiastical Office: A Historical Synopsis and Commentary” by Rev. Gerald McDevitt, S.T.L. 1946

A doctoral dissertation that examines the definition and canonical concept of tacit and express renunciation of office.

Item #125a  “A Treatise on Laws and God the Lawgiver,  On Positive Human Law” Bk. III, Francisco Suarez

Item #125b “A Treatise on Laws and God the Lawgiver, On the Interpretation, Cessation and Change of Human Laws” Bk. VI, Francisco Suarez

Item #125c1 & c2  “A Treatise on Laws and God the Lawgiver, Of Unwritten Law Which is Called Custom”  Bk. VII, Francisco Suarez

Item #141 “Supplied Jurisdiction According to Canon 209” a dissertation by Francis Sigismund Miaskiewicz, J.C.L. 1940

Item #154  “Comparative Study of Crime and Its Imputability in Ecclesiastical Criminal Law and in American Criminal Law” a dissertation by Fr. John McGrath 1957

Item #158  “The Metaphysical Foundations of Thomistic Jurisprudence” a dissertation by Karl Kreilkamp 1939

Item #170  “Punishment in the Philosophy of Saint Thomas Aquinas and Among Some Primitive Peoples” a dissertation by Fr. George Friel, O.P. 1939 (Chapters I-III)

Item #174 “The Nature of Law” by Thomas Davitt, S.J., 1951

Item #197 “The Principles of Political and International Law in the Work of Francisco de Vitoria” Extracts and Notes by Antonio Truyol Serra, 1946

Item #211 “The Promulgation of Law” Doctoral Dissertation by Rev. Martin Nicholas Lohmuller, 1947

Item #214 Liturgical Law: A Handbook of the Roman Liturgy by Rev. Charles Augustine, O.S.B., 1931

Item #221 The Binding Force of Civil Laws by Matthew Herron, T.O.R., 1952

Item #285 The Principles of Natural Law, Ralph McInerny, 1980