Scholastic Philosophy

Item #28  “Dictionary of Scholastic Philosophy” by Fr. Bernard Wuellner, S.J.

Precise definitions of Scholastic terms, includes diagrams and charts.  A reference work for every student of Catholic philosophy.

Item #29  “Dictionary of Terms Commonly Used in Scholastic Philosophy” Notre Dame Dept. of Philosophy, 1930.

A shorter reference work but no less valuable.  The beginning of any philosophical undertaking necessarily involves precise definitions of terms used.

Item #31  “The Division and Methods of the Sciences” Questions V and VI of St. Thomas’ Commentary on the De Trinitate of Boethius translated by Armand Maurer, C.S.B.

Treats of the divisions and methods of speculative science, natural, mathematical and Divine.  Appendix contains a proper division and the order of learning the sciences.  A truly wonderful work that unifies and orders knowledge according to Thomistic principles.

Item #46  “The Philosophical Frontiers of Physics” by Vincent Edward Smith

A doctoral dissertation on the nature of philosophical physics and the limitations of empirical science.  Refutes ignorant natural scientists who wander well outside the boundaries of their discipline.  An excellent book for those concerned about Scientism.

Item #48  “The Possibility of Ignorance of the Natural Law” by Rev. Stanley Bertke, S.T.L.

A doctoral dissertation regarding knowledge of the contents of the natural law and whether one can be ignorant of certain precepts.  1. On the Natural Law’s Existence and Essence 2. Of the Notion, Obligation and Division of the Precepts 3. Of the Function of the Intellect in Human Action 4. Of the Possibility of Invincible Ignorance of the Natural Law 5. Special Problems and Application of Principles

Item #108  “The Manner of Demonstrating in Natural Philosophy” by Fr. Melvin Glutz

A doctoral dissertation examining the methods of philosophical demonstration.  Defines the notion of demonstration, the subject of natural philosophy, certitude and necessity in natural philosophy, relates the manner of procedure with regard to various kinds of demonstration.  An extremely important work for those who would like to better grasp philosophical sciences and their true intellectual force.

Item #112 “The Thoughtlessness of Modern Thought Concerning the Ideas of Civilization, Culture, Science and Progress” Fr. Demetrius Zema, S.J. 1933

A lecture delivered in 1933 by Rev. Demetrius Zema, S.J. regarding the diffusion of false principles of thought and action

Item #113 “Modernism and Modern Thought” by Father Bampton, S.J.

A lecture that all Catholics should read and consider

Item #168  “Lessons in Scholastic Philosophy” (Chapter III, Cosmology) by Fr. Michael Shallo, S.J. 1929

Item #169  “Foundations of Thomistic Philosophy” by A. D. Sertillanges, O.P. 1931

Item #172  “Psychology” by Fr. Paul J. Glenn, S.T.D.

Extensive treatise on Scholastic Rational Psychology

Item #195 “The Plague of Pseudo-Science” The Editor of The Month

Item #198 “Outline of Rational Psychology” by Alexander Schneiders and Rev. Charles Doyle, S.J., 1944

Item #201 “The Finality of Religion in Aquinas’ Theory of Human Acts” Dissertation by Francisco Jose Romero Carrasquillo, 2009

Item #204 “Apologetics: A Class Manual in the Philosophy of the Catholic Religion” by Msgr. Paul J. Glenn, 1948

Item #205 “Theodicy: A Class Manual in the Philosophy of the Catholic Religion” by Msgr. Paul J. Glenn, 1942

Item #227 Dialectics: A Class Manual in Formal Logic by Msgr. Paul Glenn, 1929

Item #229 Philosophy of Science, Part One: Science in General by P. Henry Van Laer, D.Sc., 1956

Item #230 The Logic of Science, edited by Vincent Edward Smith, 1964

Item #257 Sound Reasoning Leads to God and Jesus, The Son of God, Rev. V.H. Krull, C.PP.S., 1933

Item #262 Catholicism and Reason, Hon. Henry Dillon

Item #277 An Introduction to Philosophy (pt. 1), Msgr. Paul Glenn, S.T.D., 1944

Item #278 The Antecedents of Being: An Analysis of the Concept de Nihilo in the Philosophy of Saint Thomas Aquinas, Sr. Mary Consilia O’Brien, 1939

Item #280 The Degrees of Knowledge, Jacques Maritain, 1937

Item #289 Scholastic Metaphysics, John McCormick, S.J. 1928