Sacred Scripture

Item #61  “Notes: The Gates of Hell (Matt. 16:18)” Theological Studies

Fr. Louis Sullivan offers an intriguing interpretation of this oft repeated verse.  It’s a short note, but extremely thought provoking such as what would happen if Catholics were to call a truce.

Item #69  “The Creation of Eve in Catholic Tradition” Theological Studies 1940

Fr. Thomas Motherway, S.J. presents a study of the traditional doctrine concerning the creation of Eve and the interpretation of Genesis.

Item #87  “The Message of Moses and Modern Higher Criticism” by Rev. Francis Gigot 1915

A lecture given by Rev. Francis Gigot, Professor of Sacred Scripture at St. Joseph’s Seminary, defending the traditional doctrine concerning the Mosaic authorship of the Pentateuch and attacking the theories of the critics, i.e. Modernists.

Item #118  “The Preaching of Christ” The A.E.R. 1940

Mr. John Cass’s essay regarding the quality and characteristics of the teaching and preaching of Jesus Christ in the Gospels

Item #222 The Gospels: Historical and True by Fr. Domenico Grasso, S.J.  

Item #303 The Firstborn of Every Creature (Col. I:15), Edward Augustine Cerny, 1938

Item #305 The False Prophets of the Old Testament, Edward F. Siegman, 1939