Social Doctrine & History

Item #2  “Freemasonry, A Study in Catholic Social Science: The Jewish Element in Freemasonry”  The Irish Ecclesiastical Record 1929

Rev. E. Cahill, S.J. examines the relationship between modern forms of Judaism and the advent of Freemasonry.  Fr. Cahill begins his inquiry by referencing the 1928 condemnation of an Association called the Friends of Israel, a Catholic organization that was perverting traditional doctrine regarding Judaism.

Item #16 “The Sources of Modern Attacks Against the Church” Msgr. Joseph Fenton, The A.E.R.

Item #22 “A manual of Catholic Action” by an Irish Priest, 1933.

Part one consists of examining 40 current erroneous systems of thought.  Part two deals with Catholic sociology.  Part three covers Catholic action and other problems.

Item #64  “Social Action in the Early Church: 30 – 180 A.D.” Theological Studies

Fr. Paul Furfey investigates the early Church’s attitude and dealings with the pagan world.

Item #65  “The Influence of Romans XIII on Christian Political Thought” Theological Studies

Fr. Wilfrid Parsons examines how St. Paul’s injunction regarding secular authority determined the political thought of St. Augustine and others.

Item #86  “Before and After the Reformation: A Contrast” by J.H.M.

An interesting tract analyzing the historical aftermath of the Protestant revolt and its deleterious effects on the form of the once Catholic religion.  A most fitting and timely piece of literature.

Item #99  “The Sessorian Relics of the Lord’s Passion”  by D. Balduino Bedini, O. Cist. 1928

A short but scholarly treatment of the history of the holy relics of Our Lord’s Passion.

Item #109  “A Manual of Catholic Action” by Msgr. Luigi Civardi 1935

The only book you’ll ever need explaining the concept of Catholic Action

Item #129  “Christian Knighthood” by Joseph Anderson

An essay concerning the virtuous qualities of Christian knighthood and their relation to the common good of society

Item #132  “The Catholic Attitude to Machinery” by D. Marshall, 1938

An interesting essay on the deleterious effects of industrialism upon the soul of man

Item #150  “Catholic Principles of Politics” by Fr. John Ryan 1943

Item #151  “The Catholic Church vs. Socialism” by Fr. John  Ryan 1918

Item #152  “Civil Authority According to Francis De Vitoria” a dissertation by Fr. Stephen Reidy, O.P., S.T.L. 1959

Item #155  “Lectures, Sermons, Addresses and Letters of Rev. Dr. D.W. Cahill” From the 1860’s

Item #156  “Nature and Functions of Authority” by Dr. Yves Simon 1940

Item #166  “The Relation of the Individual to Society in the Light of Christian Principles as Expounded by the Angelic Doctor” by Fr. Richard Doherty 1957

Item #170  “Punishment in the Philosophy of Saint Thomas Aquinas and Among Some Primitive Peoples” a dissertation by Fr. George Friel, O.P. 1939 (Chapters I-III)

Item #176 “The Origins of Israel: Two Views” Rev. J.J.W. Murphy, C.SS.R., The Irish Ecclesiastical Record, 1951

Item #199 “Luis Molina: Extracts on Politics and Government from Justice Tract II” translated by George Moore, 1951

Item #184 “St. Cyprian and the Reconciliation of Apostates” John Taylor, S.J., Theological Studies

Item #200 “Letters Hebrew Catholic to Mr. Isaacs” by David Goldstein, LL.D., 1945 (Selected)

Item #253 “The Things That Are Not Caesar’s” Jacques Maritain, 1932

Item #255 “The Doctrine of the Common Good of Civil Society in the Works of St. Thomas Aquinas” Jaime Velez-Saenz, 1951

Item #260 “What is the Corporative System?” Eileen Egan, 1941

Item #265 “Why Blame the Masons?” Jay MacEss, 1928

Item #284 American Catholic Etiquette, Kay Fenner, 1961

Item #287 The Twenty Ecumenical Councils of the Catholic Church, Clement Raab, O.F.M., 1937

Item #298 Moral Aspects of Dishonesty in Public Office, Rev. William J. King, S.T.L., 1949

Item #300 The Social Role of Truth According to St. Thomas Aquinas, Alan McSweeney, 1943

Item #301 The Philosophy of Modern Revolution, Rev. James Joseph Maguire, 1943