Our Lady & the Saints

Item #30  “The Dignity and Virginity of the Mother of God” by Francis Suarez, S.J.

This is a translation of Disputations I, V, VI from The Mysteries of the Life of Christ by Suarez, 1592.

Item #62  “A Fundamental Principle of Mariology” Theological Studies

Fr. William McGarry, S.J. exposits the one principle upon which all other privileges of the Blessed Virgin Mary are founded.

Item #81  “The Association of the Holy Family” by Fr. Edgar Schmiedeler, O.S.B., Ph.D.

Details the institution and practice of a pious association approved and recommended by Pope Leo XIII.  This association has since been abandoned.  Should we not consider reviving this most excellent sodality in light of the disintegration of our family life?

Item #82  “Revelations on Purgatory” by Anthony Beck 1939

Doctrinal work on purgatory as related by the Saints and Fathers of the Church

Item #85  “Union with Our Lady” Ven. Marie Petyt of St. Teresa (1623 – 1677)

Item #97  “Our Lady: Mediatrix of All Graces” by Fr. Raphael O’Connell, S.J. 1926

Fr. O’Connell sets forth the traditional view of the Catholic Church with regard to Mary’s place in the plan of Redemption.  The implications from this doctrine lead one to a truth which belongs to the deposit of divine revelation.  Fr. O’Connell draws from the thoughts of eminent theologians in the composition of this work.

Item #101  “Hesitating Mariology” Irish Ecclesiastical Record

Fr. Stephen Rigby rebukes the tendency of those who would claim devotion to Mary can be exaggerated or be the cause of offense to those outside the Church.

Item #103  “Our Lady of Guadalupe” The Irish Ecclesiastical Record

John Murray reviews the Apparition of Guadalupe and the miraculous events surrounding the Blessed Virgin’s visit

Item #123  “Prolonged Fasting and Theresa Neumann” The A.E.R.

Thomas Pater considers and disposes of doubts expressed regarding this extraordinary phenomenon manifested in Theresa Neumann

Item #131  “Among Mary’s Gifts: The Green Scapular” by Fr. R. MacDonald, C.SS.R. 1950

A priest relates the power of the Green Scapular

Item #179 “Did Our Lady Die? Some Reflections on ‘Munificentissimus Deus’” Rev. Gabriel Roschini, O.S.M. Procurator General of the Servite Order, The Irish Ecclesiastical Record, 1953

Item #223 Memories of Pope Pius X by Cardinal Merry Del Val, 1951

Item #228 The Life of Saint Thomas Aquinas: Biographical Documents, edited by Kenelm Foster, O.P., 1959

Item #263 St. Joseph: The Family Saint, Rev. L.G. Lovasik, S.V.D., 1957

Item #266 Thoughts from Saint Bonaventure About the Mother of God, Fr. William Manning, 1955

Item #267 A Soul of Silence: Sister Elizabeth of the Trinity, M.M. AM. Du Coeur de Jesus, O.D.C., 1949

Item #270 Devotion to St. Joseph, Rev. John Elbert, S.M., 1952

Item #271 Blessed Peter Canisius: Foremost Champion of the Church Against Protestantism in Germany, Francis Betten, S.J., 1921

Item #272 Ven. Dominic Barberi and the Conversion of England, Dom Bede Camm, O.S.B., 1922

Item #286 Papal Teaching: Our Lady, Selected and Arranged by the Benedictine Monks of Solesmes, 1961

Item #291 St. Thomas and the Immaculate Conception, P. Lumbreras, O.P. Homiletic and Pastoral Review, 1923