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Recent Titles Added

Item #343 The Role of Demonstration in Moral Theology: A Study of Methodology in St. Thomas Aquinas, William Wallace, O.P., 1959

Item #342 Evolution and Faith, J. Murphy, Irish Ecclesiastical Record, 1884

Item #341 Latitudinarian Christianity, Irish Ecclesiastical Record, 1880

Item #340 Again the Doctrine of Hell, (Reply to Critic), Francis J. Connell, C.SS.R., The Homiletic and Pastoral Review, 1934

Item #339 Is the Fire of Hell Eternal and Real?, Francis J. Connell, C.SS.R., The Homiletic and Pastoral Review, 1934

Item #338 The Thomistic Concept of the Vicarious Mode of Satisfaction, Rev. Paul Genovese, S.S. (Diss.), 1950

Item #337 The Thomist Philosophy of Teaching, Francis McPolin, Ph.D., Irish Ecclesiastical Record, 1943

Item #336 On the Catholic Principle of a Liturgical Language, W.H. Kirwan, Irish Ecclesiastical Record, 1888

Item #335 Christ the King of Civil Rulers, Francis J. Connell, C.SS.R., AER, 1948

Item #334 Truth and Novelty in Theology, Fr. Mariano Cordovani, O.P., Master of the Sacred Apostolic Palace, 1948

Item #333 A Recent Decree of the Holy Office, AER, 1948

Item #332 The Church and the World, Msgr. Joseph Fenton, AER, 1948

Item #331 “Mediator Dei” and the Layman at Mass, Clarence McAuliffe, S.J., AER, 1948

Item #330 Principles Underlying Traditional Church-State Doctrine, Msgr. Joseph Fenton, AER, 1952

Item #329 Dangers to Faith Within the Church, Francis J. Connell, C.SS.R., AER, 1952

Item #328 The Need of Knowledge of Faith, Francis J. Connell, C.SS.R., AER, 1952

Item #327 The Woman Clothed with the Sun, Bernard J. LeFrois, S.V.D., AER, 1952

Item #326 Reform and Integralism, Msgr. Joseph Fenton, AER, 1952

Item #325 Catholic Orientations on Church and State, George W. Shea, AER, 1951

Item #324 The Layman’s Obligation to Perfection, Robert W. Gleason, S.J., AER, 1951

Item #323 The Relation of the Christian State to the Catholic Church According to the Pontificale Romanum, Msgr. Joseph Fenton, AER, 1950

Item #322 The Marian Character of the Redemption, Auguste Ferland, S.S., AER, 1950

Item #321 Catholic Doctrine and “The Religion of the State,” George W. Shea, AER, 1950

Item #320 The Quality of Facility in the Moral Virtues, Rev. Robert F. Coerver, S.T.L., 1946

Item #319 Sacramental Penance in the Twelfth and Thirteenth Centuries, Rev. Joseph Spitzig, S.T.L., 1947

Item #318 The Question of Anglican Ordinations Discussed, Canon E.E. Estcourt, 1873

Item #317 Mary’s Spiritual Maternity According to Modern Writers, Rev. Frank J. Kenney, S.T.L., 1957

Item #316 Saint Thomas and the Life of Learning, Fr. John F. McCormick, S.J., 1947

Item #312 The Prayer of Christ According to the Teaching of St. Thomas Aquinas, Rev. M. Vianney Volfer, O.C.S.O., 1958

Item #311 Bishop Hay: A Sketch of His Life and Times, Cecil Kerr, 1927

Item #309 The Ordinary Processes in Causes of Beatification and Canonization, Damian J. Blaher, O.F.M. A.B., J.C.L., 1949

Item #307 The Visible Sanctity of the Church as a Note and Motive of Credibility, Rev. C. Dowd, S.T.L., 1941

Item #306 The Desecration and Violation of Churches: An Historical Synopsis and Commentary, John Theophilus Gulczynski, J.C.L., 1942

Item #305 The False Prophets of the Old Testament, Edward F. Siegman, 1939

Item #304 The Catholic Church and Salvation: In Light of Recent Pronouncements by the Holy See, Msgr. Joseph Clifford Fenton, 1958

Item #303 The Firstborn of Every Creature (Col. I:15), Edward Augustine Cerny, 1938

Item #302 Communication in Religious Worship With Non-Catholics: A Dissertation, Rev. John Bancroft, C.SS.R., J.C.B., S.T.L., 1943

Item #301 The Philosophy of Modern Revolution, Rev. James Joseph Maguire, 1943

Item #300 The Social Role of Truth According to St. Thomas Aquinas, Alan McSweeney, 1943

Item #299 The Inhabitation of the Holy Spirit: A Solution According to De La Taille, Malachi Donnelly, S.J., Theological Studies 1947

Item #298 Moral Aspects of Dishonesty in Public Office, Rev. William J. King, S.T.L., 1949

Item #297 The Necessity of the Church for Salvation in Selected Theological Writings of the Past Century, Rev. John J. King, O.M.I., S.T.L., 1960

Item #296 Catholic Faith in the Holy Eucharist, Papers from the Summer School of Catholic Studies held at Cambridge, 1922

Item #295 Aquinas and Modern Practices of Interest Taking, John P. Kelly, 1945

Item #294 The Communication of Catholics with Schismatics, Rev. Ignatius J. Szal, 1948

Item #293 Discussions with Non-Catholics, Rev. Stephen Joseph Kelleher, 1943

Item #292 The “Rhythm” in Marriage and Christian Morality, N. Orville Giese, S.T.D., 1944

Item #291 St. Thomas and the Immaculate Conception, P. Lumbreras, O.P. Homiletic and Pastoral Review, 1923

Item #290 The Essence and Topicality of Thomism, Réginald Garrigou-Lagrange, O.P., 1945

Item #289 Scholastic Metaphysics, John McCormick, S.J. 1928

Item #288 The Political Thought of Thomas Aquinas, Thomas Gilby, 1958

Item #287 The Twenty Ecumenical Councils of the Catholic Church, Clement Raab, O.F.M., 1937

Item #286 Papal Teaching: Our Lady, Selected and Arranged by the Benedictine Monks of Solesmes, 1961

Item #285 The Principles of Natural Law, Ralph McInerny, 1980

Item #284 American Catholic Etiquette, Kay Fenner, 1961

Item #283 The Catholic Girl’s Guide: Counsels and Devotions for Girls in the Ordinary Walks of Life, Francis Lasance, 1905

Item #282 The Spiritual Life: A Treatise on Ascetical and Mystical Theology, Adolphe Tanquerey, 1930

Item #281 Papal Teachings: The Church, Selected and Arranged by the Benedictine Monks of Solesmes, Pope Benedict XIV to Pope John XXIII

Item #280 The Degrees of Knowledge, Jacques Maritain, 1937

Item #279 The Key to the Study of St. Thomas, Msgr. Francesco Olgiati, 1925

Item #278 The Antecedents of Being: An Analysis of the Concept de Nihilo in the Philosophy of Saint Thomas Aquinas, Sr. Mary Consilia O’Brien, 1939

Item #277 An Introduction to Philosophy (pt. 1), Msgr. Paul Glenn, S.T.D., 1944

Item #276 Dictionary of Papal Pronouncements: Leo XIII to Pius XII (1878-1957), Sr. M. Claudia, 1958

Item #275 Temples Polluted and Ruined, Timothy Brosnahan, S.J., 1935

Item #274 Catholics on the Police Force, Francis Connell, C.SS.R., 1945

Item #273 The Catholic Doctor, Francis Connell, C.SS.R., 1945

Item #272 Ven. Dominic Barberi and the Conversion of England, Dom Bede Camm, O.S.B., 1922

Item #271 Blessed Peter Canisius: Foremost Champion of the Church Against Protestantism in Germany, Francis Betten, S.J., 1921

Item #270 Devotion to St. Joseph, Rev. John Elbert, S.M., 1952

Item #269 Sacred Passion of Jesus Christ, R.F. Clarke, S.J., 1955

Item #268 The Proof of Miracles, Henry Brownson, 1898

Item #267 A Soul of Silence: Sister Elizabeth of the Trinity, M.M. AM. Du Coeur de Jesus, O.D.C., 1949

Item #266 Thoughts from Saint Bonaventure About the Mother of God, Fr. William Manning, 1955

Item #265 Why Blame the Masons? Jay MacEss, 1928

Item #264 The Case Against the Comics, Gabriel Lynn, 1944

Item #263 St. Joseph: The Family Saint, Rev. L.G. Lovasik, S.V.D., 1957

Item #262 Catholicism and Reason, Hon. Henry Dillon

Item #261 How to Make an Act of Perfect Contrition, Leo Dowling, S.J., 1945

Item #260 What is the Corporative System? Eileen Egan, 1941

Item #259 Be You Perfect: A Way of Perfection for the Laity, Robert Eiten, S.J., 1953

Item #258 The Mystery of Suffering, Rev. Walter Elliott, C.S.P., 1915

Item #257 Sound Reasoning Leads to God and Jesus, The Son of God, Rev. V.H. Krull, C.PP.S., 1933

Item #256 What is a Catholic Attitude? Francis LeBuffe, S.J., 1930

Item #255 The Doctrine of the Common Good of Civil Society in the Works of St. Thomas Aquinas, Jaime Velez-Saenz, 1951

Item #254 Miracles, Joseph De Tonquedec, S.J. (Article from Dictionnaire Apologetique de la Foi Catholique) 1926

Item #253 The Things That Are Not Caesar’s, Jacques Maritain, 1932

Item #252 The Catholic Church and the Modern State, Rev. Joseph Baierl, S.T.D., 1955

Item #251 Life of Union with Mary, Emil Neubert, S.T.D., 1954

Item #250 The Ethics of War, Rev. Cyprian Emanuel, O.F.M., 1932

Item #249 The Problem of Evil, Rev. M.C. Darcy, S.J., 1928

Item #248 The Last Writings of Reginald Garrigou-Lagrange

Item #247 Life of Saint Camillus, by C.C. Martindale, S.J. 1946

Item #246 God’s Ambassadress St. Bridget of Sweden, by Helen Redpath, 1946

Item #245 The Homogeneous Evolution of Catholic Dogma, Fr. Francisco Marin-Sola, O.P.

Item #244 The Humani Generis and Its Predecessors, Msgr. Joseph Fenton, 1950

Item #243 The Lesson of the Humani Generis, Msgr. Joseph Fenton, 1950

Item #242 The Concept of Mary and the Church in the Fathers, George Montague, S.M., 1950

Item #241 The Relation of the Christian State to the Catholic Church According to the Pontificale Romanum, Msgr. Joseph Fenton, 1950

Item #240 Catholic Doctrine and “The Religion of the State,” George Shea, 1950

Item #239 Theodosius’ Laws on Heretics, Thomas Martin, 1950

Item #238 The Religious Assent Due to the Teachings of Papal Encyclicals, Msgr. Joseph Fenton, 1950

Item #237 “Americanism” Reviewed by Abbe Felix Klein, Thomas McAvoy, C.S.C., 1950

Item #236 An Important Roman Instruction, Fr. Francis Connell, C.SS.R., 1950

Item #235 The Status of St. Robert Bellarmine’s Teaching About the Membership of Occult Heretics in the Catholic Church, Msgr. Joseph Fenton, 1950

Item #234 The Catholic Viewpoint on Industry Councils, Fr. William Smith, S.J.

Item #233 Should We Support Socialized Medicine?, Msgr. William McDonald, 1950

Item #232 The Direction of Catholic Polemic, Msgr. Joseph Fenton, 1950

Item #231 In Defense of Saint Thomas: A Reply to Father Eschmann’s Attack on the Primacy of the Common Good by Charles De Koninck, 1945

Item #230 The Logic of Science, edited by Vincent Edward Smith, 1964

Item #229 Philosophy of Science, Part One: Science in General by P. Henry Van Laer, D.Sc., 1956

Item #228 The Life of Saint Thomas Aquinas: Biographical Documents, edited by Kenelm Foster, O.P., 1959

Item #227 Dialectics: A Class Manual in Formal Logic by Msgr. Paul Glenn, 1929

Item #226 The Human Wisdom of St. Thomas: A Breviary of Philosophy from the works of St. Thomas Aquinas, arranged by Josef Pieper, 1948

Item #225 The Devil by Walter Farrell, O.P. and Bernard Leeming, S.J., 1957

Item #224 From Holy Communion to the Blessed Trinity by M. V. Bernadot, O.P., 1955

Item #223 Memories of Pope Pius X by Cardinal Merry Del Val, 1951

Item #222 The Gospels: Historical and True by Fr. Domenico Grasso, S.J.,  

Item #221 The Binding Force of Civil Laws by Matthew Herron, T.O.R., 1952

Item #220 The Science of Sacred Theology for Teachers, The Channels of Revelation by Emmanuel Doronzo

Item #219 The Science of Sacred Theology for Teachers, Revelation by Emmanuel Doronzo

Item #218 The Science of Sacred Theology for Teachers, Introduction to Theology by Emmanuel Doronzo

Item #217 Dictionary of Dogmatic Theology, Pietro Parente, Antonio Piolanti, Salvatore Garofalo, 1951

Item #216 Dictionary of Papal Pronouncements: Leo XIII to Pius XII (1878 – 1957)

Item #215 New Latin Grammar, Allen and Greenough, 1903

Item #214 Liturgical Law: A Handbook of the Roman Liturgy by Rev. Charles Augustine, O.S.B., 1931

Item #213 “The Spiritual Diary of Raphael Cardinal Merry del Val” Ed. Rev. Francis Weber, 1964

Item #212 “The Holy Spirit in the Christian Life” by Antoine Gardeil, O.P., 1953

Item #211 “The Promulgation of Law” Doctoral Dissertation by Rev. Martin Nicholas Lohmuller, 1947

Item #210 “A Funeral Oration Preached by the Rev. Archdeacon O’Keeffe on Pope Pius VII” 1825

Item #209 “The Gifts of the Holy Ghost” by John of St. Thomas, forward by Walter Farrell, O.P. 1951

Item #207 “The Gifts of the Holy Ghost in the Dominican Saints” by Antoine Gardeil, O.P., 1937

Item #205 “Theodicy: A Class Manual in the Philosophy of the Catholic Religion” by Msgr. Paul J. Glenn, 1942

Item #204 “Apologetics: A Class Manual in the Philosophy of the Catholic Religion” by Msgr. Paul J. Glenn, 1948

Item #203 “The Theory of Evil in the Metaphysics of St. Thomas and its Contemporary Significance” Sister Mary Edwin DeCoursey, 1948

Item  #202 “Rome, Unionism and Indifferentism” The Dublin Review, 1865

Item #201 “The Finality of Religion in Aquinas’ Theory of Human Acts” Dissertation by Francisco Jose Romero Carrasquillo, 2009

Item #200 “Letters Hebrew Catholic to Mr. Isaacs” by David Goldstein, LL.D.,  1945 (Selected)

Item #199 “Luis Molina: Extracts on Politics and Government from Justice Tract II” translated by George Moore, 1951

Item #198 “Outline of Rational Psychology” by Alexander Schneiders and Rev. Charles Doyle, S.J., 1944

Item #197 “The Principles of Political and International Law in the Work of Francisco de Vitoria” Extracts and Notes by Antonio Truyol Serra, 1946

Item #196 “Some Physical Phenomena of Mysticism” Herbert Thurston, The Month

Item #195 “The Plague of Pseudo-Science” The Editor of The Month

Item #194 “How Cranmer ‘Revised’ the Sarum Missal” Clement Tigar, The Month

Item #193 “The Spirit of Antichrist” H.E.G. Rope, The Month

Item #192 “Mysticism, False and True” T. Slater, The Month

Item #191 “The Fallacy of ‘Reunion’” H.E.G. Rope, The Month, 1923

Item #189 “Relection on Homicide & Commentary on Summa Theologiae IIa-IIae Q. 64” Francisco de Vitoria

Item #188 “Moral Theology: A Complete Course: Based on St. Thomas Aquinas and the Best Modern Authors” by John McHugh, O.P. and Charles Callan, O.P., 1958 (Volume II, Article on Justice)

Item #187 “Moral Theology: A Complete Course: Based on St. Thomas Aquinas and the Best Modern Authors” by John McHugh, O.P. and Charles Callan, O.P., 1958 Volume I (Complete)

Item #186 “On the Indians Lately Discovered” and “On the Indians, or on the Law of War Made by the Spaniards on the Barbarians” Francisco de Vitoria, 1669

Item #185 “May the State Forbid Marriage because of a Social Disease?” Rev. Francis J. Connell, C.SS.R. 1938

Item #184 “St. Cyprian and the Reconciliation of Apostates” John Taylor, S.J., Theological Studies

Item #183 “The Ethics of Conjugal Intimacy According to St. Albert the Great” John Clifford, S.J., Theological Studies, 1942

Item #182 “Humani Generis and the Fathers of the Church” Thomas B. Falls, A.E.R., 1951

Item #181 “Traditional Catholic Principles and Modern Warfare” Howard Kenna, C.S.C., A.E.R.

Item #180 “The Act of the Mystical Body” Joseph Brosnan, with a Reply by Msgr. Joseph Fenton, A.E.R., 1940

Item #179 “Did Our Lady Die? Some Reflections on ‘Munificentissimus Deus’” Rev. Gabriel Roschini, O.S.M. Procurator General of the Servite Order, The Irish Ecclesiastical Record, 1953

Item #178 “True Christianity, Signs and Wonders” Msgr. Alfred Ottaviani, Assessor of the Holy Office, 1951

Item #177 “Humani Generis: Its Significance and Teaching” Rev. Patrick Hamell

Item #176 “The Origins of Israel: Two Views” Rev. J.J.W. Murphy, C.SS.R., The Irish Ecclesiastical Record, 1951

Item #175 “The Theory of Revelation” Part II by Rev. Joseph Baierl, S.T.D., 1933

Item #174 “The Nature of Law” by Thomas Davitt, S.J., 1951

Item #173 “The Theory of Revelation” Part I by Rev. Joseph Baierl, S.T.D., 1933

Item #172  “Psychology” by Fr. Paul J. Glenn, S.T.D.

Item #171  “The Elements of Law” by Fr. Thomas Davitt, S.J. 1959

Item #170  “Punishment in the Philosophy of Saint Thomas Aquinas and Among Some Primitive Peoples” a dissertation by Fr. George Friel, O.P. 1939 (Chapters I-III)

Item #169  “Foundations of Thomistic Philosophy” by A. D. Sertillanges, O.P. 1931

Item #168  “Lessons in Scholastic Philosophy” (Chapter III, Cosmology) by Fr. Michael Shallo, S.J. 1929

Item #167  “Rights and Duties: Their Foundation” by Fr. John Driscoll, O.P. 1948

Item #166  “The Relation of the Individual to Society in the Light of Christian Principles as Expounded by the Angelic Doctor” by Fr. Richard Doherty 1957

Item #165  “Two Currents in Contemporary Catholic Thought”  The A.E.R. Msgr. Joseph Fenton

Item #164  “The Church and the World” The A.E.R. Msgr. Joseph Fenton

Item #163  “New Concepts in Theology” The A.E.R. Msgr. Joseph Fenton

Item #162  “St. Peter and Apostolic Jurisdiction” The A.E.R. Msgr. Joseph Fenton

Item #161  “Episcopal Jurisdiction and the Roman See” The A.E.R. Msgr. Joseph Fenton

Item #160  “The Church and Catholic Dogma” The A.E.R. Msgr. Joseph Fenton

Item #159  “The Mystery of Faith and Human Opinion” by Fr. Maurice De La Taille, S.J. 1930

Item #158  “The Metaphysical Foundations of Thomistic Jurisprudence” a dissertation by Karl Kreilkamp 1939

Item #157  “The Natural Moral Law According to St. Thomas and Suarez” a dissertation by Walter Farrell, O.P. 1930

Item #156  “Nature and Functions of Authority” by Dr. Yves Simon 1940

Item #155  “Lectures, Sermons, Addresses and Letters of Rev. Dr. D.W. Cahill” From the 1860’s

Item #154  “Comparative Study of Crime and Its Imputability in Ecclesiastical Criminal Law and in American Criminal Law” a dissertation by Fr. John McGrath 1957

Item #152  “Civil Authority According to Francis De Vitoria” a dissertation by Fr. Stephen Reidy, O.P., S.T.L. 1959 

Item #151  “The Catholic Church vs. Socialism” by Fr. John  Ryan 1918

Item #150  “Catholic Principles of Politics” by Fr. John Ryan 1943

Item #149  “The Theory of Natural Slavery According to Aristotle and St. Thomas” a dissertation by Winston Ashley 1941

Item #147  “The Theology of Christian Perfection” by Antonio Royo, O.P.

Item #143  “The Encyclical and Modernist Theology” by J. Lebreton 1909

Item #142  “The Church of Christ: An Apologetic and Dogmatic Treatise” by E. Sylvester Berry 1927

Item #141  “Supplied Jurisdiction According to Canon 209” a dissertation by Francis Sigismund Miaskiewicz, J.C.L. 1940

Item #140  “The History, Nature and Use of Epikeia in Moral Theology” by Fr. Lawrence Joseph Riley, S.T.L. 1948

Item #139  “The Church of Rome and the Problem of the Vernacular versus the Liturgical Language” by Fr. Angelus A. De Marco, O.F.M., S.T.L.

Item #138  “The Remission of Venial Sin” by John Joseph O’Brien, S.T.L. 1959

Item #137  “Prophecy and Inspiration: A Commentary on the Summa Theologica II-II, Questions 171-178” by Paul Synave, O.P. and Pierre Benoit, O.P.

Item #136  “Priestly Studies in Modern Papal Teachings” by Fr. Christopher Lind, O.S.B., S.T.L. 1958

Item #135  “The Moral Obligations of Catholic Civil Judges” by Fr. John Denis Davis, S.T.L. 1953

Item #134  “The Doctrine of St. Thomas on the Right of Property and of its Use” by Msgr. De Concilio 1887

Item #132  “The Catholic Attitude to Machinery” by D. Marshall, 1938

Item #131  “Among Mary’s Gifts: The Green Scapular” by Fr. R. MacDonald, C.SS.R. 1950

Item #130  “Luther’s Own Statements Concerning His Teaching and its Results” by Fr. Henry O’Conner, S.J. 1884

Item #129  “Christian Knighthood” by Joseph Anderson

Item #128  “The Precept of Hearing Mass” by John Joseph Guiniven, C.SS.R., J.C.L. 1942

Item #127  “A Work on the Three Theological Virtues Faith, Hope and Charity” Disputations XVIII (On Faith) & XIII (On Charity), Francisco Suarez

Item #126  “A Defense of the Catholic and Apostolic Faith in Refutation of the Errors of the Anglican Sect” Bks. III & VI, Francisco Suarez

Item #125c1 & c2  “A Treatise on Laws and God the Lawgiver, Of Unwritten Law Which is Called Custom”  Bk. VII, Francisco Suarez

Item #125b “A Treatise on Laws and God the Lawgiver, On the Interpretation, Cessation and Change of Human Laws” Bk. VI, Francisco Suarez

Item #125a  “A Treatise on Laws and God the Lawgiver,  On Positive Human Law” Bk. III Francisco Suarez

Item #124  “Original Sin and Human Misery” by Msgr. John Ryan 1942

Item #123  “Prolonged Fasting and Theresa Neumann” The A.E.R.

Item #122  “Catholic Orientations on Church and State” The A.E.R.

Item #121  “The Theory of the ‘Lay State’” The A.E.R. 1951

Item #120  “’Mystical Body of Christ’ and ‘Catholic Church’ Exactly Coextensive” The A.E.R. 1940

Item #119  “Is All Profit Unjust?” The A.E.R.

Item #118  “The Preaching of Christ” The A.E.R. 1940

Item #117  “The Morality of Artificial Fecundation” by Father Gerald Kelly, S.J. The A.E.R. 

Item #116  “A Modern Defense of the Pharisees” The A.E.R. 1939

Item #115  “The Act of the Mystical Body” The A.E.R.

Item #114  “Can the Churches Unite?” by W. I. Lonergan

Item #113  “Modernism and Modern Thought” by Father Bampton, S.J.

Item #112  “The Thoughtlessness of Modern Thought Concerning the Ideas of Civilization, Culture, Science and Progress”  Fr. Demetrius Zema, S.J. 1933  

Item #111  “Some Modern Non-Intellectual Approaches to God” by Sister Agnes Teresa McAuliffe 1934

Item #110  “Members of the Church and of the Mystical Body” by John Canfield, S.T.L. 1961

Item #109  “A Manual of Catholic Action” by Msgr. Luigi Civardi 1935

Item #108  “The Manner of Demonstrating in Natural Philosophy” by Fr. Melvin Glutz

Item #107  “The Communion of Saints and the Mystical Body” The A.E.R.

Item #106  “Extra Ecclesiam Nulla Salus” The A.E.R.

Item #105  “An Accusation Against School Theology” The A.E.R.

Item #104  “The Extension of Christ’s Mystical Body” The A.E.R. 1944

Item #103  “Our Lady of Guadalupe” The Irish Ecclesiastical Record

Item #102  “Concerning ‘Thomistic Metaphysics and the Sacrament-Sacrifice” The Irish Ecclesiastical Record 1942

Item #101  “Hesitating Mariology” Irish Ecclesiastical Record

Item #100 “Wealth and Money in the Economic Philosophy of St. Thomas” by Frederick Flynn 1942

Item #99  “The Sessorian Relics of the Lord’s Passion”  by D. Balduino Bedini, O. Cist. 1928

Item #98  “The Renunciation of an Ecclesiastical Office: A Historical Synopsis and Commentary” by Rev. Gerald McDevitt, S.T.L. 1946

Item #97  “Our Lady: Mediatrix of All Graces” by Fr. Raphael O’Connell, S.J. 1926

Item #96  “Crown of Life” Cross and Crown: A Thomistic Quarterly of Spiritual Theology 1949, Fr. Reginald Garrigou-Lagrange, O.P.

Item #95  “Eternal Youth” Cross and Crown: A Thomistic Quarterly of Spiritual Theology 1950, Fr. Reginald Garrigou-Lagrange, O.P.

Item #94  “The Heresy of Action” Cross and Crown: A Thomistic Quarterly of Spiritual Theology 1951, Fr. Jordan Aumann, O.P.

Item #93  “St. Joseph and Providence” Cross and Crown: A Thomistic Quarterly of Spiritual Theology 1953, Fr. Reginald Garrigou-Lagrange, O.P.

Item #91  “Monsieur Olier (1608 – 1657)” by Rev. James Bellord 

Item #90  “The Philosophy of Teaching of St. Thomas Aquinas” by Mary Helen Mayer 1929

Item #89  “Liberalism: A Criticism of Its Basic Principles and Divers Forms” by Louis Card. Billot 1922

Item #88  “The Sinfulness of Heresy” by Rev. M.H. MacInery, O.P.

Item #87  “The Message of Moses and Modern Higher Criticism” by Rev. Francis Gigot 1915

Item #86  “Before and After the Reformation: A Contrast” by J.H.M.

Item #85  “Union with Our Lady” Ven. Marie Petyt of St. Teresa (1623 – 1677)

Item #84  “A Treatise on Interior Prayer” by Dom Innocent Le Masson 1689

Item #82  “Contemplative Prayer” by Pere de la Taille, S.J. 1926

Item #82  “Revelations on Purgatory” by Anthony Beck 1939

Item #81  “The Association of the Holy Family” by Fr. Edgar Schmiedeler, O.S.B., Ph.D.

Item #80  “Liberalism in Religion” by Fr. M.H. MacInery, O.P. 1912

Item #78  “Marriage: Its Meaning and Purpose” Theological Studies 1942

Item #77  “The Kingship of Jesus Christ According to Saint Bonaventure and Blessed Duns Scotus” by Fr. Ephrem Longpre, O.F.M. 1944

Item #76  “Catholic Ecumenism: The Reunion of Christendom in Contemporary Papal Pronouncements” 1953 by Fr. Edward Francis Hanahoe, S.A., S.T.L.