Ascetical & Mystical Theology

Item #13  “Spiritual Perfection in the Diocesan Priesthood” The A.E.R.

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Item #47  “The Interior Life of St. Thomas Aquinas Presented from His Works and the Acts of His Canonization Process” by Dr. Martin Grabmann, 1951

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Item #83  “Contemplative Prayer” by Pere de la Taille, S.J. 1926

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Item #84  “A Treatise on Interior Prayer” by Dom Innocent Le Masson 1689

Father General of the Carthusian Order, Dom Innocent Le Masson was a renowned spiritual writer who composed this short instruction on prayer

Item #91  “Monsieur Olier (1608 – 1657)” by Rev. James Bellord

A short biography about truly great spiritual writer.

Item #93  “St. Joseph and Providence” Cross and Crown: A Thomistic Quarterly of Spiritual Theology 1953, Fr. Reginald Garrigou-Lagrange

Item #94  “The Heresy of Action” Cross and Crown: A Thomistic Quarterly of Spiritual Theology 1951, Fr. Jordan Aumann, O.P.

Item #95  “Eternal Youth” Cross and Crown: A Thomistic Quarterly of Spiritual Theology 1950, Fr. Reginald Garrigou-Lagrange, O.P.

Item #96  “Crown of Life” Cross and Crown: A Thomistic Quarterly of Spiritual Theology 1949, Fr. Reginald Garrigou-Lagrange, O.P.

Item #147  “The Theology of Christian Perfection” by Antonio Royo, O.P.

A brilliant summary of the doctrines relating to Christian perfection.  Fr. Reginald Garrigou Lagrange highly praised this work as stated in the Spanish preface: “My reverend and beloved Father, Thank you very much for having sent me your beautiful treatise “Theology of the Christian perfection”. The title is excellent, and the division of the work corresponds perfectly to it: 1.) The aim of the Christian life 2.) Basic principles 3.) Normal development of the Christian life through the fight against sin, sacraments, the normal development of infused virtues and gifts, life of prayer, secondary means of perfection 4.) Extraordinary mystic phenomena. This division has allowed you both to deal with all the important matters related to perfection and also to show the unity of the Christian life and how the ascetic disposes normally to a life of intimacy with God, which doesn`t find its full development except in the mystic union. This constitutes the normal extension of the grace, virtues and gifts and the normal disposition to the eternal life, whether in this life or in Purgatory.

I congratulate you, dear Father, with all my heart and I hope that this book, whose first edition was sold out so fast, spreads everywhere for the sake of souls, in order to show how only true mysticism can accomplish that which so many false naturalistic mysticisms promise in vain, leading astray the souls out of the way of salvation.

I`m very pleased also to see in front of your book an excellent historical-bibliographic resume, in which you characterize so well the main schools of spirituality and the doctrine of the great teachers. Once in a while you add, regarding the well-known authors, some very accurate observations, such as that of Gerson and his nominalism (p. 10).

I congratulate you, finally, because of the calm by which you expose the different opinions which you cannot accept and that come together, in their own way, to make manifest the truth they don´t know.

With all my gratitude I ask you to accept, my reverend and beloved Father, the expression of my religious devotion in Our Lord and Saint Dominic.”

Item #192 “Mysticism, False and True” T. Slater, The Month

Item #193 “The Spirit of Antichrist” H.E.G. Rope, The Month

Item #196 “Some Physical Phenomena of Mysticism” Herbert Thurston, The Month

Item #207 “The Gifts of the Holy Ghost in the Dominican Saints” by Antoine Gardeil, O.P., 1937

Item #209 “The Gifts of the Holy Ghost” by John of St. Thomas, forward by Walter Farrell, O.P. 1951

Item #210 “A Funeral Oration Preached by the Rev. Archdeacon O’Keeffe on Pope Pius VII” 1825

Item #212 “The Holy Spirit in the Christian Life” by Antoine Gardeil, O.P., 1953

Item #213 “The Spiritual Diary of Raphael Cardinal Merry del Val” Ed. Rev. Francis Weber, 1964

Item #224 From Holy Communion to the Blessed Trinity by M. V. Bernadot, O.P., 1955

Item #258 The Mystery of Suffering, Rev. Walter Elliott, C.S.P., 1915

Item #259 Be You Perfect: A Way of Perfection for the Laity, Robert Eiten, S.J., 1953

Item #261 How to Make an Act of Perfect Contrition, Leo Dowling, S.J., 1945

Item #269 Sacred Passion of Jesus Christ, R.F. Clarke, S.J., 1955

Item #275 Temples Polluted and Ruined, Timothy Brosnahan, S.J., 1935

Item #282 The Spiritual Life: A Treatise on Ascetical and Mystical Theology, Adolphe Tanquerey, 1930

Item #283 The Catholic Girl’s Guide: Counsels and Devotions for Girls in the Ordinary Walks of Life, Francis Lasance, 1905